View Session Recordings

Session recording is available as an add-on for the Pro and Advanced plans, please note it is still in Beta testing phase. It's perfect for keeping a record of your tutors sessions. Each organization needs to allow Record audio & video streams before you are able to view any play backs of sessions. Please note that by enabling recording of audio and video, you agree that you've received the consent of either your tutors (if your local laws allow single party consent) or both your tutors and students (if both parties are required to consent). Find out more about accessing recordings: 

Allow Recording of Sessions

  1. Login to your Lessonspace account
  2. Click on Settings in the left hand panel. 
  3. Under organisation scroll down to Recording settings and tick Record audio & video streams the hit Save Changes.

View Sessions Recordings

(Please Note playback are currently in Beta stage testing),

  1. Login to your Lessonspace account
  2. Click on Sessions in the left hand panel. 
  3. Search for the Session you would like to view.
  4. Click the View Recording Button

  5. This will open the recording in a new tab. You can press play or drag to watch the desired time in the session. 

*Please note, at the moment, sessions and recordings cannot be deleted.

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