Graphics Tablet: How to map the area of your whiteboard

Lessonspace supports all graphics or pen tablets. In order to map your tablet to the whiteboard screen size follow the steps below: 

For Windows: 

  1. Plug in your graphics tablet.
  2. Open a Lessonspace Space - in a Google Chrome tab and create a new whiteboard.
  3. In the Windows search box type in the name of your tablet. 
  4. Click on "Tablet Name Properties" 
  5. The tablet menu will pop up giving you options to change the settings on your tablet.
  6. In the menu select the Application - Chrome. 
  7. Select Mapping.
  8. Under Screen Area choose Portion
  9. Your cursor will change to an arrow allowing you to select the corners of your whiteboard that you want to be able to write on. 
  10. You will need to select the top left area of your screen first then the bottom right. 

See the video below for a visual explanation:

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