Lenovo camera not working

The users of many Lenovo laptops reported an issue with their webcams in which they would not display any picture or video, especially in applications such as Lessonspace, but the green light on their laptops indicated whether or not the webcam was on would be lit up. It may also show a line through the camera (as seen below). This basically means that the webcams of such users would not work even though, according to their indicators, they were turned on.

To fix this, follow these steps:

The issue is caused by your laptop’s webcam being set to Private mode in the Settings. You'll need to set the webcam to Normal mode and here’s exactly how you can do so:

1. Open the Start Menu by simple pressing the Windows Logo key on your keyboard.

2. Click on Search in the top right corner of the Start Menu.

3. Search for “Settings”. NOTE: This is not PC Settings, it is Lenovo Settings that you need to open.

4. Click on the search result named “Settings”. This search result will have a gear icon beside it.

5. Locate and click on Camera to launch the settings for your Lenovo laptop’s webcam.

6. Under the Settings section, you will see that your webcam is set to Private Click on Normal to set your webcam to Normal mode,

7. and you should start seeing whatever your webcam sees under the View section almost immediately after you do so. If you do start seeing the video under the View section, the issue has been fixed and you can exit the Settings.

You can now rejoin your Lessonspace Space to see if the issue has been resolved.

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