Space size

Each Space has a storage limit, which is important to keep the Space from becoming too large and slow. The Space files contain the tabs and contents (images, handwriting, etc.) as well as the chat attachments.

How can I tell if my Space is too large?
When a Space is nearing its full capacity, you'll receive a notification asking you to delete some information.
When a Space reaches its maximum capacity, it becomes inaccessible. Please keep in mind that multiple warning messages will be presented before this occurs. Make sure to delete some material to free up storage space.
Why is there a size restriction on Spaces?
Setting a storage limit for Spaces is critical to ensuring that the Space continues to function as intended. When a Space becomes too large, things begin to slow down, disturbing the lesson and user flow. If a Space becomes too big, please delete some information (for example, large photographs, unnecessary tabs, large chat attachments, etc.) or create a new, empty Space.

If you're having trouble with your Space storage, please reach out to

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