What tools are available for Maths?

At Lessonspace we want to make teaching online  better than teaching in person. Any maths sum you can teach on paper you can teach on Lessonspace. 

Below are some helpful examples from our teachers on how maths lessons are taught on Lessonspace and what tools you can use to make your maths lessons engaging and interactive:

Equation tool:

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use the Equation tool for maths:

Use the equation tool to add formulas and graphs to your whiteboard. You can later edit and annotate these, or ask your students to match the graph with the correct formula. 

Click on the equation tool on the toolbar and select Graph or Formula. Enter the equation you wish to add and click Insert (Plot).

Double click on the Graph or Formula to edit it, then click Update. Use the "+", "0", "-" and arrow characters to zoom in/out and move your graph. 

Video snapshot:

Take a video snapshot of your or your studen's video to capture any material written on paper. The snapshot will be added to the whiteboard for you to annotate and resize. Here's a quick guide on how it works:

Upload image and pen tool:

Upload a screenshot or an image directly to the whiteboard and annotate on it using the pen tool. Change the pen color using the colour circle on the laft side on the toolbar or from the floating menu when clicking on your drawing. Here's how to upload an image to the whiteboard.

Upload PDF / Office:

Upload any past papers or learning material straight onto the whiteboard. Here's how.

Change background:

Here's how to change background on the whiteboard:

For more information on how to use specific Maths tool, read this blog here.

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