Managing Participants

As a teacher, you have some extra control over participants to make the class run smoothly. All teachers are automatically assigned the "Leader" role in a lesson. Leading Mode is automatically enabled and something we recommend keeping enabled for most lessons. 

There are a couple of important things you can do to manage participants as a leader. 

1. Mute Students

Is there too much noise coming from a student? No problem, simply select that student to mute their mic for the rest of the class.

2. Turn off students' video. 

In a similar manner, it's easy to turn off a student's video, by stopping their video feed.

3. Ask students to unmute or resume video feed.  

Perhaps a student is muted or has turned off their video. You can then request that the students either unmutes or resumes their video feed. It is a great way to make it very easy for the student to enable their mic or video again.

4. Disallow student editing (i.e. enable Read-Only mode) 

As a Leader you can also make the entire Space read-only, which essentailly means that no students can make any edits. This is especially useful if you'd like to prevent students from drawing on the whiteboard and keep them focused while you are displaying something to them.

5. Block, and unblock students from lessons.

On a rare occasion, you might need to permanently block a student from a Space for whatever reason. It is possible to block the user and kick them out. These students will never be able to join the Space again, unless you go to your blocked users and unban them.

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