Leading Mode

To make sure your students see what you see, Leading Mode is for the rescue! Enable Leading Mode in any Space and make students follow you to any tab or part of the whiteboard. Here's how:

Leading mode: 

Leading Mode allows a teacher to lock a student into their view. This means that wherever the teacher goes on a Space, so do their students. Activate leading mode to ensure you are in control of your lesson. Click on the "crown" icon in the toolbar and toggle the option on. 

Let's see some other options to help you control what others see and change:

Read-only Mode:

If you don't want your students to make any edits on any tabs, turn on Read-Only mode, this way it's only you who can make changes in the Space.

Disallow Tab to be Closed and Disallow changes: 

If you right-click on the Whiteboard tab (i.e. 'Whiteboard 1') at the top, you select "Disallow Tab To Be Closed" this will prevent a student from deleting a tab.

Lock items:

If you click on Image or PDF and select "Lock" this will prevent a student from deleting or erasing an image or PDF.

Mute/unmute students:

Click on the participants' list in a Space to manage participants. Choose a student and click "Mute microphone" or "Ask to unmute microphone". You can also ask them to stop or resume their video. Find out more about participant management here.

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