Picture in picture: float students' video

Chrome and Safari:

As part of the latest feature update on the Lessonspace, it is now possible to use the picture in picture mode on Chrome and Safari. Use this feature when you want to visit another website or document, but still want to see students, or when you are sharing your screen with participants. Here's how!

When in a Space, click on the three dots on any participant's video feed. Here, click the option "Pop Out Video". This will pop the video out allowing you to freely drag and move the video around your desktop and other applications. 

You can now move to any other application or website, and your student's floating video will be visible on your screen, like this:


Mozilla Firefox's latest version has built-in "picture in picture" capabilities that allow for floating video on the screen while moving to another browser tab or screen sharing. Here's how to use picture in picture made on Firefox:

Once in a Space on Firefox, set the videos to sidebar mode and the option to set "picture in picture" will appear like this: 

Simply click that button and then share the screen, as normal, and you will be able to see your students while you are screen sharing. Like this: 

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