Screen Sharing

Here's a quick tutorial on how to share your screen in the space:

The screen-sharing icon is on the right-hand side in the communications dock. You or your student can click on it and share your screen without installing any plugins (Note: we recommend using Lessonspace with Chrome or Firefox for the best results). 

  1. Click on this icon 
    on the right-hand side in the comms dock. 
  2. A menu will pop up asking if you would like to Share your Screen, an Application Window or a Chrome/Firefox tab, select your choice. Here's how to enable screen sharing for macOS Catalina (10.15) and later.
  3. Click the blue Share button
    When sharing your entire screen, you might experience what's called an infinity mirror effect, here's how to prevent it. When sharing a Chrome Tab, make sure you tick Share audio if you'd like to share audio as well.
  4. To stop sharing click on this icon 
    on the right-hand side in the comms dock.

Please note that due to restrictions from Apple, on iPhone and iPad devices sharing a screen is not possible at this time.

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