Screenshare annotation

Screen share annotation is an excellent way to add interactivity to the classroom, allowing students to draw on or highlight information on the shared screen.

The Lessonspace screen share annotation functions similarly to a Lessonspace whiteboard. This means you'll still see participants' cursors and names, as well as anything they draw! To annotate a shared screen, initiate your screen sharing by clicking on this icon:

Next, you'll notice the toolbar at the top of the screen share. Utilize the tools provided to annotate and draw on the shared screen:

Please be aware that annotations will be lost once the screen sharing is stopped.

If you need to keep the annotations on your shared screen, as an alternative, you can take a video snapshot of a shared screen and annotate it on the whiteboard. Here's how:

This way, your screen share annotation will be saved on the whiteboard as opposed to being erased once screen sharing is stopped. 

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