How to share a lesson recording?

On Lessonspace you can easily share the lesson recording with your student, admin or guardian without having to download anything.

First, make sure that lesson recordings are enabled for your account (if you're unsure, please ask your employer or account admin).

In most cases, your student should have access to the recording via their student's account. Here's how they can access it.

If your student cannot get the recording link, follow these steps to share the link with them:

  1. Login to your Lessonspace account
  2. Click on Sessions in the left-hand panel. 
  3. Search for the Session you would like to view.
  4. Click the View Recording Button

  5. This will open the recording in a new tab. You can press play or drag to watch the desired time in the session. 

  1. From the URL bar, copy the URL link and share it with the person you wish to send the recording to. They can open it and view it in their browser.
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