How to Enable the Profanity Filter on Lessonspace

The profanity filter on Lessonspace ensures a safe and manageable learning environment by filtering and hiding inappropriate words in the chat. With the filter enabled, participants, including students, will be unable to add swear words and other inappropriate language to the chat, thus preventing disruptions during the class.

Enabling the Profanity Filter:

To ensure inappropriate words are filtered, you'll need to enable the profanity filter on Lessonspace. Follow these steps to enable the Profanity filter:

  1. Log in to your Lessonspace dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Settings section.
  3. Click on Spaces.
  4. On the Feature Settings page, locate the Profanity filter options.
  5. By default, the filter is set to be disabled for all Spaces. To enable the filter, toggle the switch off on "Use Lessonspace Defaults."
  6. Select all participant roles to apply the filter to all users.
  7. If you wish to customize the filter settings, you can choose specific participant roles to have their chat filtered.
  8. Save your changes to apply the Profanity filter.

When the Profanity filter is enabled, inappropriate words will be replaced with alternative characters or asterisks (*) in the chat. Here's an example of how filtered words will appear:

Filtered words:

To get the complete list of filtered words and expressions, please click on the following link: Filtered Words List.

❗️ Please be advised that the list contains highly inappropriate words and expressions.

If you come across an inappropriate word that is not on our filtered list, please inform us by sending an email to

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