Space customization

Lessonspace offers a variety of Space customisation features, from branding and custom colours to restricting access to certain features (such as emojis or private chats) based on user roles.

To customise your settings, go to your Lessonspace dashboard > Settings > Space. Use the quick navigation option to navigate between the options.

To customise settings, first toggle Use Lessonspace Defaults off then change your settings and click Save Changes.


Set the interface language for your Spaces. Note that this only applies to the Space itself, not the dashboard.

Space Access Control

Control and customise who gets access to your Spaces. For more details, visit our guide here: Space access control

Session Options

Set a session redirect URL where users will be redirected to, when a Leader ends a session. Note: users are only redirected if a session ends by the "End Session" button.

Layout Settings

Set the default layout setting that applies to all Spaces in your organisation.

Chat Settings

Customise who can send and receive private chat messages.

Feature Settings

Customise a variety of Space features based on user roles. Unchecking a user type will remove the feature for the role in every Space. (Note: More settings are available on your Feature Settings page.)

Theme Settings

Customise your Space theme by changing the default colour. Find out more about how to add branding to your Space here.

Resource Library Settings

Customise which internal resource categories are available in (all) your Spaces. Turn off categories that are not relevant to your services to reduce in-Space clutter.

Learn more about the Resource Library here.

Would you like to see a new feature in the Space or on the Dashboard? Share your requests with us here

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