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You can now not only bring our free resources straight onto your whiteboard at the click of a button but upload your own resources as well. You can do this from the Lessonspace dashboard, and then add them right from the Space. Let's see how! 

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Upload resources from the Lessonspace dashboard

Click Library on your dashboard. 

From here, you can upload resources (PDFs, images and more) to your Personal or Organisation folders. Organise your resources into folders and share them with all your teachers and administrators. 

Upload resources from a Space

Open the Resource Drawer from the top toolbar and click "Upload". Here you can upload your resources without having to leave your Space. The uploaded file is then accessible from both the dashboard and the rest of the Lessonspace Spaces as well. 

Add resources in a Space

Click the Insert resource button on a Whiteboard. 

Then, click on any resource you'd like to add. It'll be added to the whiteboard for you to annotate and resize as you like. 

Here's a video of what you can do with the Resource Drawer in a Space:

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