Whiteboard tools

When you have created a new whiteboard tab, you have a number of different options that are available in the Space Toolbar at the top of the screen. These options allow you and your students to do things like, draw, write and collaborate together on your documents.

In order of appearance:

Color wheel - Choose from a range of colors to draw, type and create shapes with. You can choose a different line and fill colour. 

Select Tool - The select tool allows you to select, move and resize images, objects and PDFs.

Move Canvas - Move the entire screen in any direction, zoom in and out with your mouse wheel. 

Tip: When on a whiteboard, hold down SHIFT while scrolling, this will make moving on the whiteboard easier. Release SHIFT for zooming in and out while scrolling. You can also click and drag the Whiteboard using the right mouse button.

Draw Tool - Draw, write and annotate images, objects and PDFs. Choose the line thickness by clicking on the Draw tool before drawing.

Tip: When using the pen/highlight tool, click and hold Ctrl to draw a straight line.

Eraser Tool - When you hover over any object on the whiteboard with the eraser tool, it will go grey, click on it to erase.

Shape Tool - Draw a Rectangle, Triangle, Ellipse or Line of any size. By holding down any Ctrl/ Cmd / Meta to draw a square, equilateral triangle or circle. 

Text Tool - will insert a box you can type in and drag to resize or move.

Equation Tool - has 2 options, insert a math formula or a graph, for more information read The Equation Tool guide here

Upload an Image or PDF - Upload an image/PDF from your files. 

Insert Resource - Insert resources from a collection of ready-made images and worksheets. Insert the resources directly to the whiteboard with just one click.

Take Video Snapshot - Choose to take a snapshot of your / your student's video feed which will be uploaded into your Whiteboard as an image you can annotate on. Read more tips on how to use it here

Change Background - Change the background to a grid size of your choice or to a different color. We recently added some new options, including a light yellow background which eases learning for pupils with special learning needs.

Zoom - Adjust the percentage of the zoom on the whiteboard. Zoom to fit zooms the whiteboard in or out to a view Full One Page of your work. 

Undo - Undo previous change.

Redo - Redo previous change.

Tip: Whiteboard shortcuts: Click these letters on your keyboard to quickly access some tools.

S - Select tool

D - Draw tool

H - Highlight tool

E - Erase tool

T - Text tool

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