Equation Tool

The equation tool is our most popular feature on LessonSpace and used by all our Math and Physics teachers, there are 2 arts to the equation tool: 

  1. Formula Mode 
  2. Graph Mode

Follow the steps below to use the equation tool in your lessons:

1. Click the Equation Tool button, select Formula or Graph:

2. Formula mode will allow you to insert different equations.

Take note of the quick shortcuts: two of the most useful shortcuts are for generating properly formatted fractions and exponents. Simply typing / will put any preceding string of characters as the numerator of a fraction. Similarly, typing ^ (Shift+6 on most QWERTY keyboards) will shift the cursor up into the exponent slot for the preceding string of characters.

 Edit your formula by double clicking on it and the equation editor bar will open up again for you. 

3. Graph mode allows you to insert different functions

Type in the function you want to plot, adjust your view of the axes, and hit the “Insert Plot” button. The graph will be dropped into your whiteboard (just like an image) and you can move it, resize it and annotate it as you teach.

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