Space Features

While in your Space, there are many different tools available to both Teachers and Students. Check out the User Guides below for details on all of the Space Features currently available, and for information on who can use them.

Joining a Space and technical setup

  1. Getting Started
  2. Before you join (Enter the Lobby)
  3. Advanced Noise Cancellation
  4. Add background blur

Whiteboard features (uploading and annotating files)

  1. Using the whiteboard
  2. Uploading files to the whiteboard
  3. Uploading and annotating PowerPoint presentations
  4. Import and Export a Space ZIP

Screen Sharing

  1. Screen Sharing
  2. Sound Sharing
  3. Screensharing PowerPoint presentations and other documents
  4. Share a video
  5. Presenter mode for screen sharing
  6. Annotate a screen-share

Tab management

  1. Document tab
  2. Renaming a tab
  3. Disallowing changes on a tab
  4. Code tab
  5. Add a tab
  6. Tab management

Leading mode (teacher) functions

  1. Leading mode
  2. Resource Drawer
  3. Picture in picture on Chrome and Firefox (Native)
  4. Video layouts
  5. Read-only Mode
  6. Student controls
  7. Managing participants (banning and muting)

Chat, emoji and other features

  1. Chat functions
  2. Equation tool (Formula and Graph editor)
  3. Video snapshot tool
  4. Accessibility features
  5. Comms dock
  6. Sharing files via Chat
  7. Timer
  8. Emojis

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