Video layouts

Find out more about the different video layouts in the Space here:

Let's now have a look at the three different video layouts you can use in the Space:

Video Grid

In Video Grid mode, you have the chance to fully focus on the participants in the Space. This mode arranges every video in the Space into a full-screen focused grid layout for emphasis on everyone in the Space.

Video Sidebar

Video sidebar mode arranges each video as an anchored bar to the right of the screen. When the bar is full, you can scroll to see more videos of participants. 

Floating Videos

Floating Videos mode gives you the control and allows you to drag and drop and resize the videos to your liking. 

Presenter Mode

You can simply double-click on anyone's video feed to put them into presenter mode. This will place the video you chose as the main focus. If you share your screen as a Leader, your video will appear in focus, allowing others to see your shared screen in the middle of their screen. 

To stop presenting, or stop others from presenting, simply click the Stop Presenting icon on the presented video. 

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