Accessibility features for Lessonspace

We at Lessonspace are constantly working on new ways to assist students with Special Education Needs. We are continuously working on accessibility so that we can help tutors and organisations working with students with SEN.

We’ve added multiple accessibility features over the years, most notable are:

  1. The yellow-coloured backgrounds, text colours, and fonts for students with dyslexia
  2. The blackboard and high contrast colours for students with visual impairments
  3. The enhanced control for the teachers (Leading Mode) to be able to teach those that are typically marginalized for not being digital natives
  4. Whiteboard keyboard shortcuts for those having difficulties using their hand or the mouse

    S - Select tool
    DDraw tool
    H - Highlight tool
    E - Erase tool
    T - Text tool
  5. Presenter mode to make the tutor or the current speaker larger and more visible to the class, to assist with lip-reading and other techniques students use to communicate
  6. Built-in visual resources and emoji reactions aiming to help students with ADHD
Our team is very responsive to modern SEN research, pedagogy, and suggestions from our clients who specialize in those fields. If you have suggestions or feedback on how we can improve our accessibility features, please write to
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