Upload, annotate and delete PDF / Office and Images

Sharing resources is super important when teaching/learning online. Here's how to upload PDF and Office documents to your Space, as well as other ways to share resources in Lessonspace.

Here's a quick video guide on how to upload PDF and Office documents to your Space:

Upload PDF / Office:

Upload PDF or Office documents to your space using the "+" icon on the left-hand corner.  Alternatively, you can use the "Upload" button on a whiteboard to add files to your Space.

Please note that currently, the maximum file size for PDF uploads is 50MB.

You can also copy and paste files to your whiteboard, just open the file on your computer and simply right-click on the page and select copy (or use Ctrl+C on Windows or Cmd+C on Mac), then use Ctrl+V (Windows) or Cmd+V (Mac) to paste into your whiteboard. You can also drag and drop your files to the Whiteboard when on a Mac computer. 

When uploading a file to your whiteboard, you'll see a document upload dialogue. There, you can uncheck pages that you don't want to import (such as covers, or the answer key pages). 

Click "All in a Single Whiteboard Tab" if you'd like to see your pages on a new tab, where you can vertically scroll through the pages. Choose "Each on a Separate Whiteboard Tab" if you'd like to upload each page on a new tab (the traditional way), or, choose "Into the Current Whiteboard Tab" to upload the pages to the whiteboard you are on. 

When a file is uploaded to the whiteboard, you can start annotating using the tools in the toolbar. 

Upload Images:

You can use the "Upload" button on a whiteboard to add images to your whiteboard. 

It's also easy to copy and paste any image from the web straight into your Space. Simply right-click on the image and select copy, then use Ctrl+V (Windows) or Cmd+V (Mac) to paste into your whiteboard.

Screenshot and Paste: 

Use Cmd+Shift+4 on a Mac, or Ctrl+PrtSc on Windows. Windows users can also use the snipping tool to capture part of the screen. You can paste it into your Space by using Ctrl+V / Cmd+V.

Video Snapshot:

You can use your webcam to 'Video Snapshot' resources, such as your student's works in their notebooks, textbook pages or something which is not available as an image on the web. To do this, press the camera icon and select either your or your students' camera to take a snapshot of your/your students' webcam. This will automatically import your image into the Space and you can drag it to resize it appropriately. 

Annotating documents:

After uploading any document to a whiteboard in your Space, you can start annotating it. Use the draw or text tool in the toolbar to start adding noted to your documents. You can lock elements on the whiteboard by clicking on them and using the Lock / Unlock options.

Deleting documents:

To delete a document you've previously updated, simply click the trash icon after clicking on the element on the whiteboard. You can also delete the tab entirely by clicking on the x icon next to the tab's name.

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