Can I prep a lesson beforehand?

You can prepare a lesson beforehand, in fact, we recommend it. Here's how you get ready for your lessons with Lessonspace: 

Step 1: Create your Space by clicking New Space

Step 2: Add your lesson material, read this article here to learn how to share all your resources with your student. Your Space will always autosave, so you can just close it when you are ready and join again when the lesson starts. 

Step 3: Send the lesson link to your student by clicking Invite Others, copying the link, pasting it and sending it to your student in an email or message.

Step 4: Rename your Spaces so you can come back to them at the time of the lesson.

Step 5 (Optional): Duplicate or Export the ZIP folder (see how to do it here) for the lesson if you are giving the same lesson again to a different student. 

Extra tips:

Lock a Space:

Lock a Space before and after a given time (or indefinitely) to prevent students from joining before the lesson. 

Use Read-Only mode:

If you don't want your students to make any edits on any tabs, turn on Read-only Mode, this way it's only you who can make changes in the Space.

Disallow changes on a tab:

Disallow changes on any chosen tab in a Space by right-clicking a tab and choosing "Disallow Changes". You can also select "Disallow tab to be closed" to prevent it from being deleted.

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