Invite Others to a Space

Since your Space name is a website URL, to invite others you can simply copy and paste the web address into an email or message or you can use the copy link button inside the Space to copy it. Participants can then click on the link from the e-mail or message to go straight to the Space!

Invite others from a Space:

  1. When in a Space, click on Invite Others.
  2. Copy and send the link to anyone you'd like to invite to your Space.

Invite others from the Lessonspace dashboard:

  1. Login to your Lessonspace account.
  2. Create a new Space or go to an existing Space.
  3. Click the three dots and click Copy Link. Send this link to anyone you'd like to invite to your Space.

Assign a Space to another user:

You can also Assign a Space to another user (Admin or Teacher), so they can reach the Space from their Lessonspace dashboard. Here's how.

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