Single page PDF upload (vertical whiteboard)

Upload your PDFs to a single Whiteboard by following these steps below:

First, click on the upload button in the Space. 

Then, chose the file you'd like to upload. You can uncheck pages that you don't want to import (such as covers, or the answer key pages). 

Then, click "All in a Single Whiteboard Tab" if you'd like to see your pages on a new tab, where you can vertically scroll through the pages. Choose "Each on a Separate Whiteboard Tab" if you'd like to upload each page on a new tab (the traditional way), or, choose "Into the Current Whiteboard Tab" to upload the pages to the whiteboard you are on. 

Uploading the pages as "All in a Single Whiteboard Tab" will lock the pages automatically. Using the other options will upload the pages but you'll need to click Lock on each page to lock them. 

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