Can 10+ people join a Space?

Lessonspace is specifically designed for 1-on-1 or small group tutoring (up to 10 participants) and as such, our focus is on making sure we provide the best interactive environment for small groups. However, it is possible for 10+ participants to join the Space with limitations in features. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about working with large groups on Lessonspace. 

What happens when the 11th participant joins?
When a Space reaches its maximum video capacity (10 video streams), for everyone over 10 participants publishing their own audio and video streams are not available. This means that while they can still hear and see the first 10 participants and interact with everything in the Space including the chat, they cannot speak or show their video feed to others.
What happens if someone leaves and there are only 10 participants now - can I share my audio and video?
Yes, after refreshing the page, new participants can start sharing their A/V streams, given that they join while there are no more than 9 participants in the Space (them being the 10th to still publish A/V). 
 There are 10 participants in the Space. Can I share my screen? 
If all 10 participants are currently publishing video (meaning their camera is on) then screen sharing is not possible, as the Space reached its maximum video feed capacity. If someone temporarily leaves, then one screen share feed is possible. Only turning off the video (without leaving the session) unfortunately is still considered "published", so no new video feeds will be allowed. 
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