How can I work with multiple students?

When having group sessions, it's really easy to manage and work with multiple students at the same time on the Lessonspace. Here are some tips on how you can do it in a Space:

Enable/Disable Leading Mode

When working with more students, Leading Mode is a great tool to manage when you want to have control. Enable Leading Mode if you'd like everyone to focus on the same tab. Disable Leading Mode if you want to allow students to move to different tabs. 

Rename tabs

To make it easy for students to find their tabs, you can rename the tabs. Give a tab a name (the topic, or the student's name for example) and tell the student to go to their tab. (To make sure tabs are not accidentally deleted by students, make sure to click "Disallow tab to be closed")

Switch between tabs

When Leading Mode is off, you as the leader/teacher can switch tabs without disturbing the students. You can check their progress and help out, then move to the other student's tab to see how they're doing. 

Follow where your students are

You can check if your students are on the right tabs by checking the colour indicators on the left side of the tabs. Every participant's name has a different colour shown on their video feeds. Their colour is then shown on the tabs where they stand. 

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