Why is my student's view is different from mine?

Lessonspace whiteboards feature a dotted line that indicates all participants' views. This helps you to keep track of the part of the whiteboard that the student is looking at.

If you notice that the dotted line does not match your view, you can enable Leading Mode by following these instructions. This will automatically synchronize the student's view with your movements on the whiteboard.

If Leading Mode is already on, but you still see a mismatch between your view and the student's view, it may be because the student is using a different screen size, such as a tablet or mobile device, or a monitor with different proportions. In this case, you may need to adjust your view by scrolling in or out, or by turning off Leading Mode to allow the student to adjust their view.

To follow the student's view, look for the dotted line that says "Student's view" and scroll or move your cursor accordingly

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