Comms dock

Let's have a look at what you'll find in the comms dock of a Space in this short video tutorial:

Let's now have a look at each button in the comms dock (in order of appearance):

Setup - The setup button allows you to do some technical setup in the Space. Use Device Setup to make sure that you have the correct microphone, video and audio source selected. Layout videos will tidy the video feeds, putting them back to their original position in Floating Video mode. Advanced Noise Cancellation will filter out any background noise around you. Troubleshooting helps you look at any technical problems that appear in the Space, and you can also Report an Issue if something is wrong on Lessonspace. 

Share Screen - This allows you to share your screen with others in the Space. Here's more on how to do it.

Microphone - Mute and unmute your mic.

Camera - Turn on and off your video feed.

Chat - Send and receive chat messages in the Space. Hover over the chat button to send emoji reactions and fireworks. 

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