How can I delete a recording?

Within an organization, admins have the ability to delete recordings. If you don't have admin privileges, we recommend contacting your organization's admin team and asking for their assistance in deleting any recordings you need to remove.

Deleting recordings

To delete individual recordings, you can locate the recording on your Sessions page.

Each session will show the size of the recording:

You can delete a session from the More Actions menu:

You’ll need to confirm that you want to delete a recording:

Once a recording is deleted, it cannot be viewed or restored.

On your Sessions page, you can easily identify sessions with deleted recordings. To do this, select the option "Only show sessions with deleted recordings."

When a recording has been deleted, it will show on the session like so:

If you encounter any difficulties or require assistance with deleting a recording, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at

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