Progress Tracking: Assigning homework and saving grades

Sometimes it's great to keep track of a student's progress. Keep track of what they are doing in a lesson, assign homework, or keep a gradebook. The easiest way to do this is using the document tab, its a common feature used by many Lessonspace teachers.

First step, create a new Document Tab either as you start or by pressing "+" at the top left. 

Next steps, we've added a typical example of what you can do. 

First, we'd recommend right-clicking on the tab to enable some features available to you as the teacher to make things run smoothly. 

1. Disallow Tab to be Closed: This will ensure that neither you nor the student deletes the tab in error. Good practice to always do this.

2. Disallow Changes: Once you have finished making your edits ensure you select "Disallow Changes". This ensures that the student can't edit the document (unless you'd like them to).

Once you've set up your tab there is quite literally a blank canvas based on what you decide to do. Here's what teachers typically do:

3. Date / Time. On the two no. 3's above you can see two dates added for the student, with the most recent being added every week to the top. 

4. Logging Lesson Data. What is nice here is to keep a record of anything relevant to you and the student, we've added "Today's Lesson", "Gradebook" and "Homework" some teachers add things like "Energy Levels", "Upcoming Tests", "Study time logging".

Have an interesting way you use Lessonspace? Please let us know here.

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