What makes Lessonspace special?

Our tools:

  • Collaborative Whiteboard: Teach visually on an infinite shared canvas with subject-specific tools to help students understand concepts.
  • Subject-Specific Tools: Go beyond basic tools and teach concepts visually using the right tools for the job. Teach STEM subjects with the equation and graph editor. Or teach computer science on a Code tab.
  • Get Complete Control Over Your Lesson's Participants: When you're running a lesson, you're in control. Lock different tools for your students. Remotely mute their microphone, or hide their video feed. You can also kick and ban users when the situation calls for it.

Advanced analytics & session recordings:

  • Get the Full Picture with Lesson Analytics: Access all your session data across all your Spaces to glean insights on things like lesson hours and participants.
  • Playback Lesson Recordings: All sessions can be recorded for playback later. Give students access to review their lessons or perform quality assurance audits.

Advanced troubleshooting:

  • Helpful Automated Troubleshooting Tips: Faulty webcams, muted microphones, network firewalls, adblockers, wires not plugged in — it's hard to know exactly why something isn't working. 

Use the advanced troubleshooting dialog to quickly identify and solve any video or audio problems detected on your and your students' devices.

Our teaching experience:

  • We work closely with professional teachers and education specialists: To make the most out of Lessonspace and to ensure its fit to the most current education trends, we work with professionals who help us create the ultimate tool for online teaching.
  • Understanding teachers' and companies' needs: Companies trust using Lessonspace as it is easy to manage teachers, students and get insights into how lessons are going. 

Find out more about Lessonspace's features here, or jump on this demo Space to try things out! 

Ready to learn more about Lessonspace? Watch our video tutorials here:

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