This integration allows you to provide customers on TutorCruncher with a more extensive set of features for teaching online. 

Find our best practices for TutorCruncher guide here.

Linking Lessonspace and TutorCruncher

Step 1 - Create a TutorCruncher account

If you’re new to TutorCruncher, create an account. This will automatically sign you up for a free 14-day trial on Lessonspace (no credit card details required). Once you’ve created an account, you can proceed to step 2.

Note: Tutorcruncher customers qualify for up to 50% off the regular plan prices on the Lessonspace.

Step 2 - Turn on the Lessonspace Integration

If it doesn’t appear automatically, you can manually turn on the Lessonspace integration. On your TutorCruncher dashboard go to System > Settings > Integrations > Online integrations. Click on the Lessonspace and Add integration. 

Once you’ve added the Lessonspace integration, you can now customize your settings. You can edit who has access to the integration and how to launch Lessonspace. Make sure you tick Launch from Lesson if you want to use Lessonspace with your online lessons. 

Step 3 - Add Lessonspace to your lessons

Create a Job on Tutorcruncher. Once a job is created, you can Select Online Integration > Lessonspace. Add a lesson to the job. Once a lesson is added the Online Whiteboard will automatically appear. Both student(s) and teacher can join the same Lessonspace whiteboard from Calendar > Lesson > Online Whiteboard. 

Note: When setting up a repeating lesson, make sure the same tutor(s) and student(s) are assigned to the job/lesson, in order to use the same Lessonspace whiteboard.

This is the recommended method of setting up this integration, however for an updated method or any needed assistance be sure to follow the guides provided by TutorCruncher. Contact either their support directly or contact the Lessonspace support here

Getting Started with Lessonspace

Now you're just about ready to use Lessonspace to host live lessons on TutorCruncher!

Have a look at our Getting Started Guide to see how to create spaces and share links with your students.

If you're not sure what you can do during live sessions have a look at our Space Features to learn more about what's possible with Lessonspace.

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