Best practices for the TutorCruncher Lessonspace integration

Tutorcruncher builds business management software for tutoring companies. Whether you are a small team or an established company, Tutorcruncher can help you give your clients a 5-star service while spending less time on administration. By integrating Lessonspace, Tutorcrucher provides customers with a more extensive set of features for teaching online.

If your organisation is using TutorCruncher with the Lessonspace integration, you might find the following tips and examples useful to make the most out of both software.

Signing up on TutorCruncher and Lessonspace 

If you’re new to TutorCruncher, create an account. This will automatically sign you up for a free 14-day trial on Lessonspace (no credit card details required). If you have a Lessonspace account prior to signing up on TutorCruncher, you can simply proceed to create your TutorCruncher account - your Lessonspace account will be linked automatically, given that you're using the same email address on both Lessonspace and TutorCruncher. 

After you successfully create both accounts, turn on the Lessonspace integration on TutorCruncher by following this guide

Customise the Lessonspace integration on TutorCruncher 

To make sure Lessonspace is adjusted to your organisation's needs, edit the integration on the TutorCruncher site. Go to Settings > Integrations > Online Integrations > Lessonspace > Settings. Here, adjust the settings to achieve a white-label solution. Below is an example of how to change what is displayed on TutorCruncher instead of 'Lessonspace':

  • Change the Integration's name
  • Change the launch icon (see all icons here)
  • Change the menu display and lesson display's name

Default integration settings

Set Lessonspace as the default integration so all your jobs/lessons on TutorCruncher display it as the online classroom. On TutorCruncher go to Settings > Activity > Default Online Integration. Here, select Lessonspace and save your changes. This ensures that all existing and new Jobs on TutorCruncher will use Lessonspace as the default online classroom. 

Set up a test Space for your users

To help users test Lessonspace and their connection before their sessions, you can create a dedicated test Space. Here's how:

Access the integrations menu on TutorCruncher by navigating to Settings > Integrations > Online Integrations > Lessonspace > Settings.

Enable the "Launch from Menu" option and provide a name and icon for the test Space.

The test Space will be added to the left-hand menu for all users on TutorCruncher.

By setting up a test Space, users can familiarize themselves with Lessonspace and ensure their connection is stable before their sessions. Each user will have their own unique test Space to prevent them from joining the same session.

Log in to your Lessonspace account 

To make the most out of your newly integrated online classroom, head to to set up a password and log in to your Lessonspace admin account. Once logged in, you'll be able to further customise how your Spaces look, add a payment method and set up recording controls. Below are a few useful tips and tricks on how to adjust all settings to your liking:

Add a payment method

After your 14-day free trial, you'll be required to add a payment method to continue using Lessonspace. Make sure to add TUTORCRUNCHER as a subscription code to receive our discounted pricing. (If your Lessonspace account was created when signing up to TutorCruncher, the code will be added automatically.)

Customise your Spaces

Head to Settings > Spaces on your Lessonspace dashboard to adjust features such as colours, tools, language and more in your Lessonspace Spaces. 

Recording settings

On Lessonspace, you'll have the option to enable and share session recordings. Session recordings are a great way to share recorded lessons with students, and parents or to store them for future reference and quality assurance. Go to your Lessonspace dashboard > Settings > Organisation > Recording settings. Here, enable recordings. 

You can share session recordings with your clients by going to your Lessonspace dashboard > Sessions. Here, open the recording by clicking View Recording and share the URL link with your clients. If you allow teachers and students to add their email addresses via TutorCruncher, they too will be able to log into their student/teacher account on Lessonspace (via this link) and access these recordings

Using the Resource Library

Lessonspace offers a feature that allows you and your tutors to upload, store and retrieve lesson material with a click of a button. Use our in-Space Resource Library to access free and pre-loaded lesson content. As the organisation admin, you can pre-load files to the library and share them with your tutors. 

Read more about how to create awesome online lessons using the Resource Library on our blog here.

If you might have any further questions or need help with setting up the integration, please reach out to us at

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