How can I stop my students from making changes?

You as the Leader in the Space, have the ability to control when and who can make changes and edits on the whiteboards. Below are all the different ways you can control and monitor who can edit the tab contents:

1. Read-only mode

With read-only mode, you can disable edits for all students with one click. This is a great way to stop students from getting distracted. You can turn it off at any time to allow student edits again. 

2. Lock a tab 

You can choose to only lock specific tabs. Right-click on a tab and select "Disallow tab to be closed" so that it cannot be closed and deleted accidentally, or "Disallow changes" to make sure the tab content cannot be altered. 

3. Disallow individual student edits

You can disallow edits for one student at a time (this enables read-only mode for the individual student only). This is a great way to stop disrupting students from making changes while allowing others to have access to the whiteboard tools. 

4. More ways to manage students

Here are some more tips on how to manage participants in a Space.

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