Supported Devices & Network Requirements

Our goal is to make Lessonspace as accessible as possible and to make it easy to invite people to your Space. This is why we don't require any logins or downloads to join a conversation! We do this thanks to WebRTC, which can be built into most modern browsers. 
However, because this is a relatively new web technology, some browsers don't have full support for it yet, so to use Lessonspace your browser needs to support WebRTC (see below for a list of supported browsers).

Supported Devices:

Desktop & Laptop Computers:

Check that you and your students are using one of the below recommended and available browsers, if they're not, ask them to change in order to ensure Lessonspace works (97% of users are already on the correct browser).

Windows or Linux or macOS:
- Chrome / Edge Chrome 78+ [Recommended]
- Firefox 72+
- Safari 12+

- Chrome 78+ [Recommmended]

- Safari 12+ [Recommmended]

Tablets or Mobile Devices: 

iOS Devices

For iOS devices, you can click on the link in the same way you would on a desktop and the mobile/tablet device closely matches the features of our desktop version of Lessonspace! The only feature currently missing from iOS is screen sharing capabilities, but this is something that we plan to work on. We recommend using Safari on iOS devices.

Android Devices 

On Android devices, you can use the Chrome browser to go directly to Lessonspace! Simply copy the Lessonspace URL into your browser, and you'll join the Space.

Network Requirements:

Ensure you have an internet speed of at least 5Mb/s download, and at least 3Mb/s upload. You can run a speed test by Googling "Internet speed test".

To have a smooth screen sharing experience, ensure a minimum of 4Mb/s upload.

The example below shows an example that's close to the minimum internet specs. During your lesson, ensure that you or anyone else on the network are not downloading or uploading data through BitTorrent or other P2P applications. Try to be as close to the router as possible - or, if possible, use a computer with a wired network connection.

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