Tips for moving from Zoom to Lessonspace

Lessonspace provides a variety of educational tools that are unique to the platform. The following is a non-exhaustive list of tips and tactics for tutors who are transitioning from Zoom to Lessonspace as their online tutoring platform.

Instead of screen sharing, upload files to the whiteboard.

Traditionally, the only way to share a file on most online platforms was to open it locally and share it via screen share. However, on Lessonspace, you can just upload the PDF to the whiteboard and begin annotating, highlighting, drawing, and so much more with your students.

Use the built-in Document editor to instantly collaborate on any written material in the Space instead of screen sharing a text or Google Doc file. Use the Whiteboard for drawing and sharing image/PDF files, and the Code Tab for a built-in code editor.

Take a video snapshot

On Zoom, you can add a quick annotation to a shared screenshot of the screen. Lessonspace includes a video snapshot tool that lets you easily capture a snapshot and put it to the whiteboard. The snapshot can then be resized, moved, and annotated as desired.

Leading students with Leading Mode

Teachers can use several tools on Lessonspace to guide students and restrict their permissions. Leading Mode is one of the most important features to use. Tutors can use this to ensure that students always follow their view - changing tabs, scrolling on the whiteboard, or sharing their screen will all be instantly reflected on the student's screen. Learn more about how to use Leading Mode by clicking here.

Persistent Spaces, chat history, and content

While Zoom lets you reuse the same meeting link, Lessonspace provides far more possibilities. Each Lessonspace Space autosaves and persistently stores content. This includes any annotations, images, or PDFs uploaded, as well as chat messages and document edits. This enables teachers to create their own teaching Space without fear of losing their or their students' work.

Upload and save files to your personal Resource Library.

Instead of constantly searching your desktop for the correct file to upload, create a file library directly on Lessonspace. Upload files, photos, stickers, worksheets, and other materials to use with the touch of a button. Files will be simply loaded onto the whiteboard so that users may begin working on them together right away.

Learn more about all of Lessonspace's features here, and visit our helpdesk for more detailed instructions.

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