Teacher Guide

If this is your first time teaching on Lessonspace, don't worry, as we have a list of detailed help articles to help you get familiar with our platform. To become an expert teacher using Lessonspace, watch out video tutorials or read about how to become an expert teacher here. 

Joining a Space and managing students

  1. Managing participants (mute and ban students)
  2. Student controls - giving editing permissions
  3. Log in as a Teacher

Teacher guides

  1. Becoming an Expert Teacher
  2. Quick Getting Started Guide for Teachers

Teacher tools

  1. Math tools
  2. Progress tracking: Assign homework and save grades
  3. Teacher Dashboard
  4. Resource Drawer (store and manage files)

More tips

  1. Tips for moving from Zoom to Lessonspace 

If you need any further help, browse our helpdesk or reach out to us at support@thelessonspace.com.

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