Space Management

Your Space is where you can meet with your students by joining with just one click! Each Space can be managed within your Lessonspace Dashboard. Below are more specific user guides for each of these modifications.

Space management

  1. Invite others to a Space
  2. Create a Space
  3. Assing a Space to another user (teacher)
  4. Lock a Space
  5. Rename, delete and duplicate a Space
  6. Delete a Space
  7. Export and Import a Space ZIP

Analytics and dashboard settings

  1. Lesson analytics, attendance and more
  2. Adding teachers and students to your account
  3. Use tags to categorise and filter Spaces

Recording settings

  1. Allow and view session recordings
  2. Admin-level recording controls (recording per Space)

Branding and more customisation

  1. Space customisation
  2. How to change the Space language
  3. Add logo/branding
  4. API

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