Getting Started for Students

This is a guide designed to help students using Lessonspace for the first time on getting familiar with the space. You as a student can watch this 4-minute demo video here outlining everything you need to know to start learning on Lessonspace. 

For more detail follow the 4 important steps below:

  1. Joining the Space for the first time: Make sure you have given permission to your browser to “Allow” for audio and video. You can troubleshoot any problems you have by clicking on the orange bar on the top left of your video. You’ll be ready for your lesson when you’ve achieved green ticks in each criteria.
  2. Exploring the Space: The Whiteboard is where you can interact with your notes and work together with your teacher through the lesson, you can see your teacher’s cursor move and they can see you. There are many awesome features on the whiteboard, read here to explore them all.

    The Chat helps you speak to your teacher if you can’t hear and need help troubleshooting problems. You can type into the chat, press enter to send, post links, questions and homework in the chat that you can come back to in your next lessons.

  3. Leading Mode: If your teacher enables leading mode in the lesson this means that wherever the teacher goes on a Space, you, as the student, will be pulled with to that same tab.

  4. Exiting the Space: To leave a Space click on the cross in the top tab. You can review your work at any stage by re-clicking on your Lesson Link.

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